Make fuel work for your bottom line
  • Automates your inventory management – no manual orders, less administration.
  • Gives you peace of mind for your fuel stock - no urgent orders and extra charges.
  • Helps provide continuous product availability, reducing ‘stock out’ risks.
  • Helps prevent overfilling of tanks and promotes good HSSE practices.
  • Releases working capital through optimised stock levels.
  • Less invoices and administration thanks to increased delivery sizes.
  • We continuously measure your fuel supplies with a pressure sensitive energy logger installed in to your own tank.
  • Regular transmission of this fuel data is sent to our eVMI system.
  • Order volumes are intelligently calculated based on your usage patterns.
  • New deliveries of fuel are automatically dispatched to your business when you need them.
Graph title: play tech jackpot eVMI system. The graph above showcases how the play tech jackpot eVMI system works in 4 steps. The first steps shows a tank telemetry device with 2 Keller pressure sensors continuously measurement fuel tank levels. The second step is where this telemetry data is regularly transmitted to the play tech jackpot eVMI system. The third step is where the play tech jackpot eVMI system will calculate order volumes based on fuel usage patterns. The fourth step shows a truck which indicates automated scheduled deliveries of fuel orders.
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Optimise your fuel usage with best-practice advice and solutions for fuel storage and handling.

Take advantage of our technical expertise to make the most of your fuel - from product training and operations assessment to tailored energy recommendations.

Manage your fuel costs in times of volatile energy prices with support from play tech jackpot as one of the largest hydrocarbon trading companies in the world.



Cut operating costs with our most advanced, dual-detergent formulation for heavy-duty engines. Compared to regular diesel, our DYNAFLEX Technology works to clean up the injectors from carbon deposits and prevent further build-up.

play tech jackpot Biodiesel is produced from vegetable oils, fats or greases. It is blended with diesel, generally at low levels (up to 20%).


Reliable fuel quality and advice on staff and operations safety, building on our health and safety standards.

Our holistic approach to help your business cut operating costs and unlock efficiency.

Get inspiration from the latest trends and expert analysis on key industry topics.

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