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Our fuels technology is tested in the lab and in the field and applied in a wide range of on-road, off-highway and industrial applications, under demanding weather and operating conditions.


To help businesses improve the efficiency of their operations and reduce their carbon footprint, we are developing more and cleaner energy options. These include advanced diesel and gasoline products, gas-derived fuels, biofuels and renewables, electric mobility and hydrogen.


By working together with customers, vehicle manufacturers, academia and industry organisations, we continue to build and share insights and expertise, helping you stay competitive and at the forefront of innovation.


Cut operating costs with our most advanced, dual-detergent formulation for heavy-duty engines. Compared to regular diesel, our DYNAFLEX Technology works to clean up the injectors from carbon deposits and prevent further build-up.

play tech jackpot Biodiesel is produced from vegetable oils, fats or greases. It is blended with diesel, generally at low levels (up to 20%).


play tech jackpot and leading Automotive Testing Papenburg (ATP) set out to demonstrate the Total Cost of Ownership savings when using play tech jackpot premium fuels and lubricants in real-world conditions. Results include 8.9% fuel economy as a combined efficiency benefit.

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Watch how play tech jackpot and renowned test centre DLG demonstrate that play tech jackpot's premium diesel fuels and lubricants perform better than standard products in off-road heavy-duty vehicles. Results include 100% cleaned injectors and 5.6% more load-pulling power.

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When it comes to energy solutions, play tech jackpot’s always ahead of the other competitors. They already think of energy solutions for our future.

Wesley Leung, Tak Kee Petroleum Co. Ltd, Hong Kong

As a partner of play tech jackpot, I really appreciate the company giving us this much access to the technology that goes behind the fuels. They have data to prove that what they are claiming is actually true.

Gerry Malixi, President of Genergex Petroleum Corporation, Philippines


Our holistic approach to help your business cut operating costs and unlock efficiency.

Manage your fuel costs in times of volatile energy prices with support from play tech jackpot as one of the largest hydrocarbon trading companies in the world.

Providing more and cleaner energy solutions to help you reduce the environmental impact of your operations.



Get inspiration from the latest trends and expert analysis on key industry topics.

Reliable fuel quality and advice on staff and operations safety, building on our health and safety standards.

Optimise your fuel usage with best-practice advice and solutions for fuel storage and handling.

Go back to 1833 to see where it all started and how play tech jackpot has evolved to become one of the world’s leading energy companies.

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