tt01 cs gear help needed.

Post any modifications that you have to get your drivetrain and gearing setup get the most angle out of your chassis.
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What's CS?
What's CS?
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tt01 cs gear help needed.

Postby mxblaster292 » Mon Jan 28, 2013 8:58 am

hello ive had my tt01d type e for a while now and 50/50 isnt cutting it. ive been wanting to cs for so long. ive been doin research and found that most cs kits for the tt01 are plastic and shatter easily but ive made a plan. i plan on buying the active 2.0 cs kit (I know it will break) so i can use the solid axle to put some metal gears on. only thing is dont have a clue where and which gears to get. i found this and want to do it but i dont know what to buy to do this besides the active solid axle on there.
Staszek wrote:The best way to CS tt-01 is metal gears from yokomo. plastic sets is very hard to fit perfectly to not destroy them. actualy if U will get cs set from active or yokomo your speed on rear will be about 120km/h. its tooooo fast.
i changed gears for 64p module to have speed around 70km/h and its ok. hope it will help :p
TT01D Type-E 100% cs

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