What Robsta's Rants are all about.

Robsta rants about anything and everything Tarzan style!
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What Robsta's Rants are all about.

Postby evanstewy » Mon Feb 22, 2010 6:43 pm

Welcome to Robsta's Rant section!

Here you will find the many, many....many things that Rob rants about on a daily basis. Yes we have to listen to it all the time at the Arai Drift sessions. :roll: So we thought we would make a dedicated rant section just for Rob.

Rob has been drifting for around 5 years. He has shown that he really does know his stuff about RC Drifting over the years. He has won many RC Drifting competitions plus the Groovydrift Nationals competition. He has put a lot of thought and time into his style of drifting. Rob has recently came in 2nd place at a 50/50 RC Drift competition with his counter-steer chassis!

So I think Rob has earned the right to rant about the random things that sets him off.

Hope you guys enjoy! :D

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