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Please post any suggestions that you have for the forum. Also you can ask to have a private team section added for your RC Drift team.
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General-D-Like site

Postby oski83 » Tue Feb 02, 2010 7:49 am

The other day I used Google Japan to find D-like came out listed first on the list.

When I clicked on it, it directed me to another site.

Now I have a FULL blown McAfee protection with real-time protection and fully updated daily.

When I click on the link google gave me, my McAfee detected a worm, virus, and it trying to change my registry. It was VERY bad. It completely mess my computer up!!. I had to do a System Restore to a previous day and ever since it still was not fully corrected. For the last few days, its completely shot. Hopefull my IT guy at work can fix it. It goes to a blue screen as soon as you boot and even safe mode doesnt work. It wont let me get past the blue screen.

Maybe its ok for anyone else trying to get onto their link, but just letting you guys know so it doesnt happen to you. Its a very bad experience!

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