Brand/Chassis specific sub-forums

Please post any suggestions that you have for the forum. Also you can ask to have a private team section added for your RC Drift team.
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Brand/Chassis specific sub-forums

Postby TheSCOrpionKing » Thu Dec 08, 2011 2:10 pm

I love this forum, but once it blows up and hits the 6 digit thread counts, it''ll be hard to navigate and find tech related to each member's specific needs. by having Brand/Chassis specific sub-forums, it will be much easier to find the tech that you need and also help filter search results as you can search for topics relating to only your chssis.

An excellent example of a well designed/operated Brand/Cahssis sepcific forum is which ustilizes V=Bulletin as it's host.

Just some thing I thought would help streamline things down the line.

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