Tiger.T's Sakura D3- 2.84 CS Carpet Setup

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Tiger.T's Sakura D3- 2.84 CS Carpet Setup

Postby Tiger.T » Sat Jan 25, 2014 3:06 pm

Brand: 3 Racing
Model: D3 CS Sport
- motor/ESC: Tenshock X211 13.5 / Speed Passion Reventon R
- Pinion: 40 - 64 pitch
- Spur: 96 - 64 pitch
- pneus: Hei-Ko CG Tires (front) / Scale Dynamics D62 (Rear)
- Others: Blutooth unit, Feetech Low Profile Servo
- Batteries: Tenshock 4000mah 40C Shorty pack

- camber: -6
- Toe: 0
- caster: +15/17
- Shock Pre-Load: 2.5/3mm
- oil: Team Associated 10Wt
- Springs: 3 Racing orange
- Front bumper weight: magnet mount
- differential: Front one way
- Droop: 3mm
- Other: Hubless conversion with Active Hobby arms and triangulated uppers

- Camber: -8
- Toe: +1 degré (RR+10)
- Pre-Load: none
- oil: Team Associated 35Wt
- Springs: MST DK spring super soft
- Weight : x2 AAA batteries, x1 AA batteries dead center in the diffuser
- differential: Spool
- Droop: 7/8mm

- Front Diff: 38 T
- Front Input Shaft: 12 T on Diff side/ 14 T on Spur side
- Center Input Shaft: 13 T Spur side/ 25 T on diff side
- Rear Diff: 30 T

All stock belts, Front belt with light slop, Center belt tight withouth tensioner, Rear belt a bit too tight (might be worth going for Xray 305445 186mm). Fully hopped-up chassis with plastic stock knuckles
Knuckle drilled 6/7mm closer to wheel. Battery in the length of the chassis. All electronics placed under the upper deck between the front bulkhead and the battery. Servo facing up with Active Hobby Servo Strut Mount. Active Hobby Pulley Shaft,65 degrees Active Hobby CVDs

Front to rear ratio video

Image Image Image Image

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