Tamiya TRF 415MSXX

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Tamiya TRF 415MSXX

Postby driftjay » Sun Mar 21, 2010 5:46 am

i havent tested it yet though,

Tamiya TRF 415 msxx CS

Make: Tamiya
Model: TRF 415 MSXX

Latest test Date: N/A
Track surface: asphalt/tarmac/concrete
Tire: HPI T-Drift, slicks (HPI4406)
Motor & ESC: Hobbywing EZRUN 10T brushless and 35A esc


Camber: -5
Toe: 0 degrees
Kick up: + 3 mm
Caster hubs: 4 degrees
Ride height: 6.5mm
Springs: Tamiya standard TRF white
Bumper weight: 0 grams
Trailing Steering Block: standard
Sway-Bar: soft sway-bar
Shock Oil: medium oil
Other: front shocks are a bit stiffer than rear and mounted straight up


Camber: -2
Toe: in 1.5 degrees
Kick up rear: 0 mm
Ride height: 6.5 mm
Springs: Tamiya TRF standard white
Sway-Bar: soft sway-bar
Shock Oil: soft oil
Other: Shocks mounted straight up

Drive Train

Gearing: front 40T x 16T / rear 30T x 20T (67%)
Front: Front one way
Center: 16T(front) 20T (rear)
Rear: locked diff
Spur: 23T 64P
Pinion: 100T 64P

F/R 2,5 : 1,5
F/R 1 : 1,67

Set up

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Still Turns In
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Re: Tamiya TRF 415MSXX

Postby Banggotan » Sun Mar 21, 2010 4:54 pm


a clean setup and chassis!.. I can't hardly tell that your kit is being drifted on asphalt surface except for the bald t-drift haha! Good job!
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