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new member hope u accept me in here!

Posted: Sun Oct 05, 2014 9:29 am
by Samer
hi there

Name : Samer

Age: 28

Location: Iraq / Baghdad
Years Drifting: 4 months!
Counter-Steer Chassis: lookingforward to buy one cuz i really like it

*Please introduce yourself.
My name is Samer i am 28 years old living in Iraq
and duo to my country problems i started to looking fro somthing to have fun with while i am @ home or neighborhood
so i bought Drift rc car which i liked so much, after some researches about drifting i found that cs is more like real cars
so i am looking forward to buy one as we are going to make RC DRIFTING TEAM in my area so i want something different
than normal 50/50 drift cars!

*Please include why you would like to join CS Junkies.
as i said after some researches i found that this forum is the best for CS drifting so my hope is u accept me in here with you guys.