Body contest at!!!

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Body contest at!!!

Postby Dr.Fate » Mon Jan 21, 2013 9:06 am

Hey guys just letting folks know that there's a body contest sponsored by VIA FB. It's open to everyone! They are even are shipping the bodies to the contest contestants!!!! So no cost on our half but paint,tape and time! The way it should be, IMO.

To enter: Artists must email [email protected] with 3 pictures of their best work.
Timeline: 4-5 artists will be selected to enter into the final round by Feb 1, 2013.
Those artists entering into the final round will be sent an RC body as their subject. All artists will receive the same body. The body type will be announced the day we ship them so that you all have a fair chance to start your designs.
Artists will have 6 weeks to complete and ship the shells back to Black Star Hobbies. Shipping is paid for BSH so artists will be investing their time, paint, and skill.
Once all shells have been received BSH will hold a poll in which the fans will select the winner. We will not post who the artist is until the end of the poll. Please we ask that you not campaign for votes as this will disqualify you from the contest immediately.Winner will get $100 Gift Certificate from Black Star Hobbies.
The artist must be the one emailing [email protected] as we will not accept "entries on behalf" So don't be emailing with the amazing artwork your friend did. They have to be interested themselves and contact us to enter. Entries are open now. Before asked I don't know if this comp is international.. You'd have to email

Guys they have CRAZY raffles FB too! I won a 3 RACING D3! I asked for the devils drift chassis instead. I was even told more people enter there might be more prizes!!! So come on guys jump in this one!

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What's CS?
What's CS?
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Re: Body contest at!!!

Postby PainTrain » Sat Feb 16, 2013 8:48 pm

Haha! Thanks for posting this up, Dr. Fate. We appreciate the support! There some very talented finalists in this year's contest.
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