What Team Evan vs Team Ulz is all about.

Get ready for some comedy. These two go at it all day at Arai, so we decided to keep the two going at it off the track.
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What Team Evan vs Team Ulz is all about.

Postby robsta » Fri Feb 26, 2010 8:03 pm

After a long break from RC drifting, Evan has returned to start fresh with counter-steer drifting. He is now one of the two newest members of Team Arai. He has really opened up thanks to everyone's warm welcome, especially from our long time member Ulz.

Ulz has a very sarcastic sense of humor. He's a really bubbly guy with tons of jokes, and really sets the mood at Arai sessions. When Ulz is around, you will definatley have a good time.

At first, it seemed like Evan didn't really understand Ulz's sense of humor, but once he understood he was joking, these two have been going at it every week. It's quite entertaining to watch. :lol: So this was Ulz's idea to set up Team Evan vs Team Ulz off the tracks. I think everyone could use a little humor during the weekdays to cheer you up, so everyone stay tuned!

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