Got the CS kit installed...Now how do I get more drift angle

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Rally Style Drifting
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Re: Got the CS kit installed...Now how do I get more drift angle

Postby ToraKitsune » Tue May 28, 2013 12:37 pm

HAYASHI wrote:Have you tried 0 toe in the front or slightly + toe ?
My VDF was slightly toed in after a rushed adjustment and once i set it back to 0 or slightly + toe i felt an improvement.
I'm running mine with softer suspension in the front than the rear and finds it helps with weight shift
I have found the VDF a hard car to set up and drive,Im waiting on a new chassis to be released and i will be retiring it

I'd always been told the VDF has a bit of Ackerman, so have always run just a little toe-in, even when it was 50/50. I'll give the toe-out a try, though! :)

And though it seems counterintuitive, the medium front - soft rear seems to work better for me than the reverse, which I had always seen as a drift set-up (reverse of grip), which all my 50/50 drifters are running, with great results. Odd as it may seem, the medium front, soft rear just works. My VDF was set-up the way it always has been, as 50/50, and that, strangely, was the entire problem (at least for where I run it presently).

I am seeing a "push" to retire VDF's in a few forums. The biggest complaints seem to be the lack of aftermarket support and some inherent problems (like front end chatter and lack of adjustable "flex"), but I have not had any troubles in any of those areas, and yes, the VDF does seem to be a difficult chassis to set up, at least for CS. I've seen all manner of crazy mods, and it has always struck me that if the chassis has that many problems, why it wasn't retired by Tamiya earlier, like the M-Four was. Mine is the early production run, so it's rather old, and one of the first few that was shipped to the US before it was sold "officially" by US online retail houses.

I, like you, will most likely retire my VDF when another suitable replacement comes along.......

Still Turns In
Still Turns In
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Re: Got the CS kit installed...Now how do I get more drift angle

Postby tatmanfish » Tue May 28, 2013 8:44 pm

Chatter is just the front drive shafts. Longer ones cures that. I think setup is the same for any chassis. It will have to be adjusted to suit you no matter what the chassis. Most chassis have some sort of mod someone does whether it be for weight or steering angle or whatever.

The vdf nneds weight upfront and a softer suspension imo and its fine. After that its all shock position, oil weight, and springs...but that goes for any chassis. Having the weight shift in a controllable way for you to be able to countersteer is the only gard part imo and thats just because it takes time.

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