Total noob; done my research and need some help.

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What's CS?
What's CS?
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Total noob; done my research and need some help.

Postby Mandy » Fri Oct 11, 2013 11:33 am

I can't even tell you how many hours I've spent researching stuff in regards to putting together my first RC drifter. I've been to a bunch of sites and forums, watched countless reviews and videos, and browsed eBay and Craigslist for hours on end in an attempt to figure out what would work for me and my budget.

Initially I was going to buy a HPI Sprint 2 off CL for $180, even thought it would mean a two hour drive to Orlando, so I figured I'd do some more research.

Then I was going to bid on one on eBay, but I forgot about it and it sold for $150 without me bidding.

After that, I figured I might as well look at some forums and see what's available in the 'for sale' section, and I saw a Sakura D3 CS Chassis here on the forums for $150, but then I found this Sakura D3 on eBay, for the same price with a radio and ESC ($40 shippiing from Hong Kong is a bit of a buzzkill, but it still seems like a good value).

But then I realized it needed a motor and I went on a wild tangent trying to figure out what motor would be good for drifting, that was brushless. What I gathered 27T is good for begninners, and 13.5T brushless is a rough equivalent, but other than getting a sensored motor I really couldn't find any general consensus.

Adding to that dilemma, I then would have to pick up a battery/charger, which I'm equally ignorant about.

So I was wondering if anyone can help me put something together for approximately $300 RTR. I'm not opposed to spending more if it's that much better, but it's just a soft budget I've put into place.

I've been talking to some friends about getting into RC drifting, and none of us really have any experience. I have an uncle that's huge into RC, and I'll probably give him a call, but I don't believe he's into drifting at all, so while he can provide me with the general knowledge, I don't think he can provided me with what I need to know about this specific niche. I've also tried asking on Reddit, but everyone seems rather silent there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm pretty drained after trying to figure this all out.

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Still Turns In
Still Turns In
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Re: Total noob; done my research and need some help.

Postby Stalwart » Fri Oct 11, 2013 4:26 pm

If your uncle is into RC, ask if he's got any 1:10 touring chassis to spare. Cheap beater is what you need with zero experience.

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Still Turns In
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Re: Total noob; done my research and need some help.

Postby awdracer » Sat Oct 12, 2013 3:41 pm

tt01 kit - not bad for 150 on ebay shipped and comes with
-body shell
-27t motor
and all you need to get is a decent radio which can be had for about 75-100 from futaba.. which gives you 50 bucks left for drift upgrades

if you want to skip the learning curve of the tt01 i recommend to just stick around and lurk the for sale sections but youd be stuck trying to piece together something that wouldnt be running for a long time though.

all in all you need a
lipo battery and charger
motor and esc (most people run 10.5t motors with speed passion, hobby wing, etc)
atleast a 2 channel radio setup including reciever and servo

btw i really dont get the hate in buying stuff from hongkong.. the shipping is high if you buy one thing but you save a lot if you bundle and i usually buy it then go about my business for about 2 weeks and treat it like mini christmas lol

lastly. ew reddit lol

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Rally Style Drifting
Rally Style Drifting
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Re: Total noob; done my research and need some help.

Postby BVRacingOO7 » Fri Oct 18, 2013 8:36 pm

If you would like a chassis with shaft drive, I can remove the bling and sell the orginal chassis, with esc & motor that I have in the "For Sale/Trade" section. Titled: "YOKOMO Drift Package Aluminum Chassis BL-PRO ESC 13.5T". It's my friends rig (needs to go due to a new baby). The bundle and prices are flexible to get you going.

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