Overdose 2nd Anniversary

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Overdose 2nd Anniversary

Postby RE-Xtreme » Sun Jun 17, 2012 7:42 am


Last weekend was the 2nd Overdose Anniversary in MAX ONE. Unfortunately I couldn't finish my new FD but I picked up some items.


they had a bunch of manufacturers on display

Overdose, Kazama, tetsujin, RC926, Pandora, spice, En Route, Guildn one, top line, RC Art, and more.

and some mini events. (the venue is small)


I went down on Saturday night. About 30 guys squeezed into Max One. My friend and I were doing a lot of side by side in our northcraft FC3ss


Small comp in which I surprised some people. My first small test to see where I am. Informal but about 2nd or 3rd out of all the guys.
Jin-san showed his awesome skill with his Ject chassis and pink 180sx


Pro of course. made us all feel we still need a little more to reach the top.

Next night I didn't go but there's some live feeds from the max one blog.


I picked up a Weld Overdose setting board for 50% off. LUCKY!

A bunch of wheels in a lucky dip arrangement. All you can fit in a hand.

anyway, theres more on my blog... check it out.


New pandora bodies due soon

FD3s and S13 coupe.

New Overdose parts. Work VS-XX wheels.

New rc926 springs and Wheels.

etc etc etc

I'm sure the boys will be scouring the blogs for pics soon.
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