Juha Rintanen s14a by me and Ismo Teiniläs RB GT86 by friend

Post the progress of R/C Body here.
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Rally Style Drifting
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Juha Rintanen s14a by me and Ismo Teiniläs RB GT86 by friend

Postby extremetuner » Tue Jul 09, 2013 1:03 am


Decide to build replica from Juha Rintanen s14a

Some info about Juha for those, who dont know who is he.

Juha Rintanen is a motorsport enthuanist who has worked his way up to be one of the most recognized drifters in Europe. It has taken a decade of hard work and dedication to be at the top of his sport.

Juhas efforts have not been missed in finnish motorsport scene either, two international figures of world level motorsport, Mika Salo and Kari Sohlberg, are working as protectors of Juhas program. With these two gentlemen on board and with help of Juhas current and potential sponsors Juha will be the drifter to look at in the following years. This year he is driving D

pic how it should look like, when its ready:


Ok, and here is what we done today. Cut both bodies and mark black, where to paint black.


will be continued...
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