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Postby *¥€$* » Sun Aug 03, 2014 2:29 pm

Oreolai is a Taiwanese brand, little known but which has nothing to envy the Japanese giant.
They made ​​last year the SFR01, a front motor rather nice multi-color but the real product interesting is their undercarriages. FFA (Fit for All) which can be fitted on every frame that is over 2.5 (Doripake particular) or 3mm (DRB, DIB and others) through two different arms rods provided. They sale their FFA in Red, Silver and Blue Yokomo. With KPI setting, caster setting and without C-Hubs! A Type C without the problems of Type C! :lol:

Website : http://www.oreolai.com
FaceBook : https://www.facebook.com/OreoLai.RC


At the end of the year they will release their new chassis, the EX-Zone!
A shaft chassis with the posibility to change the motor position depending your tastes! 2 chassis in 1! :shock:
The EX-Zone is truly unique! With its shaft which is found under the chassis in order to place your ESC, Motor, Receiver as you want! Furthermore the setting of CS has been redesigned to facilitate the CS ratio modification!
It was also thought to compete with the RWD chassis like the FXX or FRD!

They launched a campaign on KickStarter to get out chassis faster and competitive price! Arranged in Red, Blue Yokomo, Silver and Titanium (= Gun Metal Yokomo Color)

Feel free to help if you want an awesome chassis for next year! The Zombie Drift Team is already a partner and we will have the first two chassis (to * YES and * Marsilians) marketed and roll with them next season!
The prices are very competitive compared to other chassis on the market (whether for RWD or CS) and it is already full options !
A short video to motivate you:

Other videos of the chassis available here (in RWD and CS): https://www.youtube.com/user/oreolai

Feel free to ask me questions below.
Our article on the new chassis: http://zombie-drift.com/oreolai-ex-zone-new-chassis/

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