Yokomo Drift Package + FCD2.0x Gear Ratios [maths check]

Post any modifications that you have to get your drivetrain and gearing setup get the most angle out of your chassis.
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What's CS?
What's CS?
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Yokomo Drift Package + FCD2.0x Gear Ratios [maths check]

Post by rix0n » Wed Oct 08, 2014 11:17 am

So I have a Yokomo Drift Package with the FCD 2.0x overdrive solid axle in the rear... This obviously requires more work from the motor and my stock brushed motor had a meltdown... no biggie I was planning to go brushless anyway so I ordered the exceed brushless 10.5t + ESC combo.

Once it came I set it up and found I had to change the ESC setting for acceleration from 'fastest' to 'normal' because it's hard to take off slow, and I still rarely use more than quarter throttle so I figure it needs gearing down... is it just as simple as buying a motor pinion with less teeth? [I'm asking because putting less teeth in the following calculations gives higher FDRs]

At the moment spur:pinion is 70:30, I don't know what the stock shaft:diff gears are but the FCD2.0x makes rear:front 2:1[whilst stock was 1:1] so using a CS FDR calculator on http://driftmission.com/tools/#418tab5 (probably incorrectly) I just put '2' in the last box [assuming 'Countersteer Ratio' is overdrive ratio rear:front]. Am I doing it wrong?
The results I'm getting[both with spur70:30pinion] are:
Old 1:1 setup: 2.33 FDR
new 2:1 setup: 4.67 FDR

So if I put a 23T pinion instead of a 30T I get 6.09 FDR... isn't that backwards or am I backwards? I was thinking turning the spur a lesser amount per revolution of the motor would be less drive? [edit] does this mean 6.09 revolutions of the motor to 1 revolution of the wheel? In which case, which one? the stock ratio front? or 2 revolutions of the rear? or an average? This is where I get confused... if someone could clear this up for me that'd be awesome, the main point of this post I guess :Think: I just read [in the amazingly informative sticky] that he FCD solid axle is 20T Ring/17T Bevel - Ratio - 1.17
2.353/1.17 = 2.01

so the stock ring/bevel ratio in the front is 2.35
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