For Sale/Trade Forum Rules

Sell and trade your drift gear here.
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For Sale/Trade Forum Rules

Post by robsta » Thu Aug 12, 2010 5:41 pm


This forum is solely for members' personal sales. New items may be sold, but not by any company, retail or otherwise, or by anybody representing a company. Should you desire commercial advertisements on CS Junkies, please contact the administrator.
All posts must list an item’s price. Auction style posts (includes Ebay auction sales), and/or posts that do not have an item price listed are not allowed and will be deleted.
Under no circumstances may users post suggesting that a listed item may be found elsewhere at a cheaper price. It is the responsibility of the buy to search for the best deal. This should be a safe, friendly environment for members to sell their items without being undercut within their own threads.

Sellers Suggestions and Requirements.

All sales conducted within the CSJunkies forums are the sole responsibility of the person(s) involved. CSJunkies, and it’s staff will not be held responsible.
Do not post your personal address on these forums. The forums are viewable by anyone, and information posted here such as your address would be freely available to anyone. Keep that information strictly to Private Message or E-mail.
If a deal seems suspicious, or to good to be true, then it may be. Check the user’s profile and search for that individual’s feedback in the Trader Feedback section. Please report such threads to the moderators.
You are also responsible for posting Trader Feedback after the sale is completed. Please post such information in a prompt manor, as this information may be used by other potential buyers.

Please post listings within the correct forums.
Please Include preferred contact information within your listing. This can include your e-mail address or Instant Messenger service handle.
No random comments! Only post if you are interested in buying or selling items on the boards. Random and/or useless posts should be reported to the moderators to be deleted.

Titles should also be clear and concise. The less confusing the title is, the easier it is for a potential buyer to find the item they are looking for.

1. Pictures are extremely helpful and are required to sell or trade items. They should be actual photos of the item you are selling, and not those from websites or ebay. If they are not your photos, they should not be on your listing.

2. Items are required to have a price/ prices, no "open to offers"

Image hosting is free through CSJunkies, by attaching the images to your post. Please utilize this feature, as it is convenient both for buyers and sellers.


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